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Aspiring game developers and designers should not miss out and must download JustBuild.LOL right away. This is the only craft-and-build game that will not waste any of your time. No need to gather resources and perform actions like cutting trees, digging soil, and searching for simple tools. All you have to do is build and design right away!

You don’t even have to worry about the materials, because you get to have an unlimited number of them in this game. The only limit here would be your imagination! So let’s see how your creations will fare in JustBuild.LOL play. Get on with it and just keep building!


Build a 3D World Right Away

JustBuild.LOL takes you straight to building action. Unlike other craft or building games that require you to have tools, wood, stones, and other initial resources, you don’t need anything to begin building in this simulation game!

Best of all, there are no other players that can interrupt your creative and building process in this game. You just download, install, and open this game on your device to start building! It’s the best game if you just need to practice your building and design skills. There’s no imminent threat or tight competition here, so you can simply go and play the game at your own time and pace.


Unleash your Creativity & Build with Unlimited Materials

JustBuild.LOL is a place for you to get acquainted with the basics of building and designing 3D worlds. As already said, you don’t have to worry about materials. But you must not fret about earning coins either. You have free and unlimited access to walls, stairs, roof shapes, and more.

JustBuild.LOL play is also great for mini projects and school activities that require you to create a 3D virtual world. You don’t even need to have exceptional programming or developing skills to start this building game. Instead, just get yourself acquainted with its building tools and editing functions.

You can save each of your projects, and then retrieve them using another device if you like. Whether you believe it or not, you can create a cool game using JustBuild.LOL within just an hour! Yes, it’s true, that is why the game is known as a major experimental platform for gamers and aspiring game developers around the world. Once you have the ropes, you may try now Survival Forest: Survivor Home Builder to test your building skills!


Enjoy JustBuild.LOL PC Version for Free

The game is playable in different kinds of devices, and it also includes a JustBuild.LOL unblocked version. That means the game is also optimized for PC play. Playing JustBuild.LOL on PC is a better option, especially if your other devices are running low on storage space and RAM. Downloading the Windows version means that you can freely play offline. The editing feature of the game, however, requires an official purchase.


What do JustBuild.LOL Players say?

JustBuild.LOL is heavily compared with that of Fortnite. Players can immediately take notice that these two games are similar since they are both endless and freestyle building games. However, fans and JustBuild.LOL avid players would agree that the only difference is the latter’s lack of Battle Royale mode.

Despite this, JustBuild.LOL remains a good training ground for players who still have to improve crafting and building skills. Fortnite’s gameplay is more competitive in a way that it is also a survival game (battle royale style). Basically, in the world of Fortnite, your survival would be pretty low if you haven’t mastered the art of building shelters and unique terrains real quick!

Several players praise JustBuild.LOL for being straightforward and a free-to-building game. However, some players who have a competitive spirit would crave for a Battle Royale mode. It’s like playing Unknown Last Pixels Battle Royale all over again!

The developers of the game have not yet announced if they will add a battle royale mode. At the moment, the intended purpose of the game is to just provide a space for aspiring game creators and creatives. It is also a safe training ground for Fortnite players who are looking to improve their crafting and building skills. The focus is on building and not yet on fighting and survival, as in the case of Fortnite.

However, this does not mean that the game cannot have a battle royale mode in the future. JustBuild.LOL’s developers are constantly adding new features, tweaks, designs, and content for the game via regular updates. Who knows? Just check for new game updates from time to time to see if a new competitive mode would be coming soon!

Game Features

  • The ultimate freestyle building game!
  • Completely free to download and play
  • Start crafting and building right away; no need to gather resources and materials
  • Materials are free and unlimited!
  • Build a 3D world without interruptions

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Check out these game screenshots.

JustBuild.LOL Screenshot
JustBuild.LOL Screenshot

JustBuild.LOL PC | Create Wonderful 3D Virtual Worlds!